Alla Goltsman

I have a website. Why do I need a mobile website?

If your website is not mobile you are losing all potential customers that view internet on mobile devices.

Why do I see word 'forbidden' and a blank screen when I try to view some websites on my iPhone?

That's an error. Report the problem to your webmaster ASAP. You are loosing web traffic. Most likely you are losing potential paying clients

If my website is not mobile what do people see when they access my website on a mobile device?

People see bits and pieces of your website or even worse: a blank page. It all depends of how your website is created.

How can I see how my NOT mobile website looks on a mobile device?

Go to Safari on an iPhone, enter your website in the address bar, see how it looks

What should I do if I don't have an iPhone or any other mobile device? I still want to see how my website looks

Go to Mobile Website Simulator Enter your web address and see how your website looks like on a mobile device. There is no guarantee. Only a true mobile device can show how your website looks

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